Bonsai Branding


A bonsai tree, shaped well, is something to behold. Crafted over time from a vision in the mind of its creator.


For 10 years now I have operated under the name of Bonsai Branding. I lack the patience for crafting actual bonsai trees and simply admire them through my Instagram feed. What I do find fascinating is the direct correlation for brand building that is mirrored in the art of crafting a bonsai tree.

The young sampling will start to show signs of the tree it wants to be and by honouring that in how you in-turn shape it and tender its growth, will ensure it maintains its ‘truth’ and strength. Shaping it into something it isn’t will only weaken its final position. This is also true for brands. Building a brand requires an insight and an eye for what is real, what is authentic and seeing what it wants to be and then begin the process of enlarging that. It doesn’t happen quickly and nor should it, for the process is where you bring the story to life and the brand followers along for the ride.

I’ve been in the game long enough now to have seen the rise of the term ‘brand’ to such a point that it is ubiquitous and vague in its meaning. We all profess to have one and know the intricacies of what is needed to craft one, more so if you have thousands of followers on social media. For those that desire a deeper introspection and seek a partner to support their brand creation journey that actually results in upside revenue, then do be in touch.

Ryan Lobik | Designer